07 March 2010

10 Months

Another monthly update. Katelyn's now 10 months old. I can't believe that I'll be saying she's 1 in only 2 months! Geez!!!

She seems to have grown into a big girl this past month! She is getting closer to drinking from a sippy cup, but she's just not sure she wants to make that big step yet! After buying several different kinds of cups, I think we may have found one that she likes. She's finally started picking up cheerios, puffs, and other little snack things but isn't so sure about baby food that has "chunks" in it or other "big girl" foods. One of these days she'll realize what she's missing!

We "ferberized" her while Jack was home on R&R and so far so good. *Knocking on wood* She now goes down for her naps and to bed without being rocked and if she wakes up in the middle of the night she goes right back to sleep. No more middle of the night snacks. It feels so good to get a full nights sleep!

She is a crawling machine and is walking around furniture like it's no ones business. She is letting go of things and able to stand for several seconds before falling down. Maybe walking by 1?!?

I have enrolled her at the CDC (Child Development Center) on post in the hourly care area. She went one day and didn't do the best but the lady assured me that all the other little ones acted the same way (cried off and on) until they got used to the environment. She is going 3 days this week and everyday next week for a couple hours each morning. I'm hoping she adjusts before too long and doesn't pitch a fit when she goes. I'm planning on continuing to take her after she gets the hang of it for a couple mornings each week so she can have interaction with all the other little kiddos....and so I can have a few free hours :)

Katelyn being a goof ball

She has gotten much harder to "photograph." The days of smiling and getting excited when the camera comes out are over I'm afraid. :( She doesn't want to sit still now; I think she's thinking "Mom, come on...get out of the way. I have other more important things to do!"

I love this stage and can't wait to see what she will pick up tomorrow! Each day is so fun!

We hope everything is going well for you all and happy that Spring is right around the corner!! :)


MICHELE said...

She is just so precious! This is a fun time and they just get more fun the older they get!

Anonymous said...

Our little girls are practically the same age! And I totally know what you mean about not easy to photograph! Lol... She's adorable though!