23 March 2010

Not a Fan!

It appears that Katelyn is not a fan of swinging. I find this pretty hilarious because she's probably spent half of her life in a swing! I'm sure she'll come around, but on Saturday, no way!

She did however enjoy the wagon ride with her bestie, Emmalyn!

And just a few other pictures for giggles :)

She loves pushing the lion's nose and hearing him laugh; she's even starting to push him around some.

All ready for church! Notice her paci is on a string - she threw it over the communion rail one Sunday while I was holding her during communion. The pastor had to retrieve it for us! Needless to say, I was a bit embarrassed! I'm not letting that happen again!

She's figured out how to pull out the bins. I thought I was safe with putting some books in the top ones that I didn't really want her to have yet and also on top of the shelf. Well I was wrong. It's now a fun game to pull everything out from the shelf and empty the bins; especially after I have just picked it all up! I can't wait until she can help cleanup :)

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Steph said...

those are really cute pics, I like the orange dress! Whitney doesn't like to swing any more either, but a few months ago she was just fine in them. Kids! Keep the pics coming!