30 October 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to a Pumpkin Patch in SE Georgia. When we left it was a little chilly but after being there a few minutes it was pretty hot. I guess that's what fall in GA feels like. Maybe by January it will cool down a bit. Should make for some sticky trick or treating tonight!

And now for TONS of pictures :)

All ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch

I'd never seen this before but thought it was pretty clever.
According to Jack, it's nothing new.
I still thought it was cute!

Not so sure of the animals!
These animals must love the month of October - they get fed constantly!!

This was the goat bridge.
The goat waited at the top on the end.
There was a pulley system with a can on it,
you put food in it and then sent it to the top.
Pretty funny!

Going for a ride!

She got in the bounce house without a thought.
Guess she remembered the bouncey house at Grammy and Pops.

Flying down the slide!
She loves slides but this one was a bit too fast for her I think.
She didn't ask to go again! HA!

Playing in the "Corn Crib."
We should have filled her sand box with corn!

Playing with the pumps at the Ducky race.
She would have stayed here all morning long if we'd let her.
Why?? Because there was WATER!

Going for a "Cow Ride."
Neither Jack nor I thought this would be something she would do without screaming...but we were wrong!
She seemed to enjoy it! Big Surprise!!

She's in the 4th cow - "Sweet Pea"

Trying to decide which pumpkin she wants

This one's the keeper!

We had a fun morning...now to see how Trick or Treating goes tonight!
Should be interesting!

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MICHELE said...

so cute and those piggy tails! To die for!!
Have fun trick or treating as a family!!