30 October 2010

Trick or Treating

Yes, that's right - our area had trick or treating tonight - October 30th.
As the neighbor put it, "We live in the Bible Belt and they'd never have trick or treating on a Sunday."
Well this was new to me!

We went over to a friends house and Katelyn seemed to enjoy trick or treating.
By the end of the night she had the hang of it - when we'd get to a driveway, she'd head right up to the house, pick a piece of candy out of the bowl and carry it in her hand until she got back to the sidewalk, then stop and put it in her pumpkin.
So cute!

Katelyn "Cow"
Emmalyn "Cowgirl"
These costumes weren't planned this way but they sure did go together nicely.
Someone asked if they were twins! Ahh how cute! :)

Wow, look at all the padding in that rump!!

All ready to go!

And we're off!

Collecting her loot!
She had to 'offload' into Daddy's pocket along the way because her pumpkin was getting too heavy and there was NO way she was giving that pumpkin up!!

I love our little cow!!
Halloween was so much fun this year and next year will just get better - she'll be a year older and Emmalyn's daddy will be back as well!
Great memories to be had by all!

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