17 October 2010

Welcome Home Jack!!!

After a long year, Jack's 3rd tour in Iraq is finally done.
He arrived home with the rest of E Co in the wee hours of Saturday morning.
We thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support over this past year.
It is so wonderful to have our family complete again!!

Getting ready to leave the house for the ceremony (It's midnight now!)

Still waking up and trying to figure out why she is at
ANOTHER one of these crazy ceremonies and at this god awful time of night!

Pops keeping Katelyn occupied while waiting

Our pretty girl!!

A video on the jumbotron showing the soldiers getting off the airplane!!

Eating cheetos provided by the USO - she was so messy!
But there was no taking them away - they kept her quiet and occupied for a long time!

Here they come!!!!

We were wishing they would march just a little faster!!!

We FINALLY found him!!
There were 353 soldiers on his flight!!!!
(Katelyn was a little puzzled how "the guy" in the computer was standing in front of her!!)

"I guess you are ok and we can take you home with us."

It feels like a dream still!
I love my soldier with all my heart!

We made it home!!
It's now 3:30 AM!!

Daddy helping put Katelyn back to bed - almost 4 AM at this point!
She was such a trooper and crashed the minute she got back in bed
and slept in til almost 9 AM too!!
Thank you so much Katelyn!!!

Playing with Daddy the next morning!
"He's a keeper Mommy!"

Please continue to keep those that are still serving overseas in your thoughts and prayers and pray for continued strength for those family members left behind and that each soldier come home safely!


The Houstons said...

hooooooray for your sweet family! Back together again! God is faithful and so very good! :) We look forward to reading posts about you guys are doing...as a family now! :)

Jessica said...

Praise the Lord!!! SO happy you are all together again.