03 July 2011

Seaworld and Disney World

***Warning - The following is a VERY long post. :)
To see some of the pictures better, click on them to enlarge! ***

A few weeks ago Jack had some leave time, so we decided we'd head down to FL and visit Sea World and Disney World. Both places have some awesome deals for Military so we took advantage of them! We are only 4 hours from Orlando, and have always said we would go before we left here, but wanted to wait until Katelyn was a bit older. I had never been to Disney World and Jack had been when he was 10. Katelyn loves Disney Junior and knows all the characters. We have been talking about seeing Mickey and his gang for weeks so she was pretty pumped to go to "Mickey's House."

We just arrived at Sea World.
Katelyn was telling us which way to go!

Sea World had a Sesame Street show that we left extra early in the morning so we could make it on time.

Katelyn zoomed in to Sesame Street!

Dolphin show at Sea World.
Katelyn was very excited to see the Dolphins and talked about it the entire way there.

Katelyn's favorite ride - the carousel!

Katelyn and I rode a little boat ride at Sea World.
I learned my lesson from this ride - make sure I watch the ride before getting on it!
This one was a bit more than I thought but Katelyn was a trooper!

Katelyn was the most excited though to "go swimming."
I think we could have just gotten a hotel room and swam the entire time
and she would have been a content little girl!
We have been to the splash parks several times this summer, but have not been in a pool this year.
She was kind of skeptical at first, but before long she was quite the little fishy and even called herself a fishy.

We spent our first day at Disney World at Animal Kingdom.
The safari ride was awesome and we rode on these cool looking "Safari" vehicles!

Tree of Life at The Animal Kingdom.
Lots and Lots of concrete!

The first character Katelyn got to meet was Goofy!
He was decked out as woodlands Goofy since we were at the Animal Kingdom.
She was kind of skeptical at first, but she was smiling by the end.

Waiting in line to see more characters.
It was HOT!

Katelyn's first set of ears!
She had a "My 1st Visit" button,
but she wasn't real good about not pulling it off her shirt so she didn't wear it much.

Jack and Katelyn in front of the big ball at Epcot.
Whenever we went to Epcot, Katelyn would say "Big Ball" over and over and over!

Magic Kingdom

Once again, Katelyn loving the carousel!
This was our most rode ride haha.

Katelyn and Jack on the Dumbo Ride.
Katelyn was on the inside and wasn't really big enough to peek over so just got pictures of Jack waving!

Meeting Pooh and Tigger after she rode Pooh's Honeypot ride.

Katelyn and her very first Minnie doll, waiting in line to see Mickey and Minnie!

Sleeping Beauty



Cinderella planted a big wet one on Katelyn's cheek!

Parade at Magic Kingdom

Katelyn was quite a trooper this day.
We were able to come back to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks.
She stayed up until 11:00 that night and was in an unbelievably good mood.
She LOVED the fireworks and would go BOOM every time they went off!
Whenever you say the word fireworks, she'll say BOOM!

We ate at the Coral Reef Restaurant at Epcot and went on the Nemo Ride.
Katelyn was pretty excited about this ride and talked about Nemo a lot afterwards.

We stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort on Disney and the main pool had a big pirates ship that had slides, water sprays and all kinds of stuff.
Katelyn thoroughly enjoyed the slides and wasn't afraid to go down the slides that the bigger kids were going on.
I was holding her back not letting her, but got tired of her asking so let her go.
There was no stopping her after!

Fishy Katelyn!

This isn't the slide she was begging to go down.
This was the kiddie slide and apparently not thrilling enough!

The last night we were at Disney we went back to Epcot and saw more characters.
We waited in one line and got to see all 5 of these characters!
She LOVED it!
She walked up to each of them on her own and hugged them all and then got her picture taken.
It was so cute!
Then as she walked away from each character she would wave and say "Bye Mickey (or their name)"
This made my trip!!
I was one happy Momma seeing her so excited to see all the characters!

We went to Downtown Disney one afternoon and evening.
Katelyn fell asleep on the bus ride and slept in her stroller for 2 hours until I woke her up.
So, she missed the best Disney toy store.
You could fill a box up with Mr. Potato Head parts and it was a set price.
So the more you could stuff in your box, the more you got!
Jack and I did a pretty good job of filling our box full.
She thought it was pretty cool to play with when we showed her after her bath that night!

At Hollywood Studios

Meeting Handy Manny!
Too bad his tools didn't come too!

The Play House Disney Show
Katelyn enjoyed this and danced around with all the other kids.
Mickey and his pals, Handy Manny and his tools, The Little Einsteins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates were there!

Katelyn and Jack wearing their 3D goggles waiting in line for the Toy Story ride!

One tuckered out little girl!

We all had a blast! It was definitely hot but was fun to get away and also to see Katelyn have a good time! She probably was a tad too young to thoroughly enjoy it all, but we couldn't pass up this opportunity! Next time she'll be able to ride the big rides with Daddy!


Courtney said...

Yay, Yay, Yay! I've been waiting for this post.... so glad you guys had a great time! Love the pictures of Katelyn with the characters :) Let's talk soon!!

Steph said...

whoc ares if she will never remember it. You know she had fun and you guys had fun seeing her enjoy herself. Why not take advantage of where the Army sends you!?!

fun, fun!!!