06 August 2011

Boo Boo

Last week Katelyn's school called one morning and said that she'd had an accident at school. My heart always drops when they call and I'm just praying that she has all her teeth in her mouth and no broken bones. They said she was doing fine now, but was outside playing ball and fell face first onto the sidewalk and scratch her forehead up. It probably was a good thing it happened at school because she let them put an ice pack on it and I doubt that would have happened at home! School said she didn't cry too much and was a little trooper!

I swear, I need to buy this girl a helmet to wear to school. About a month ago, she busted open her lip when she fell on the playground!

Luckily it healed really fast but she liked telling her story over and over again and she always wanted to be sure that I knew she had a boo boo on her forehead. Guess she was proud of it!

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