08 August 2011

Sneak Peek at Lil Peanut

Today, I got a sneak peek at our lil Peanut! Unfortunately, Jack is in the field again so he wasn't able to see but hopefully he'll be able to attend more appointments now that this field exercise is almost up.

Lil Peanut was VERY cooperative today. The tech was trying to get a specific measurement and said that it could take 10 minutes or it could take 30 minutes and still not get one. The minute she started the ultrasound Peanut was laying in the perfect position. The tech was so happy. She said that everything looked great and the measurement she was looking for was great. If the measurement was too large - it indicated Down's Syndrome. Of course, there is not 100% guarantee from an ultrasound but she was very optimistic that baby was doing great.
(This is just a routine screening that you can opt to do.)

After the tech got the measurements she needed, she took some other measurements and showed me more of Lil Peanut! We were able to see that Lil Peanut has 2 arms, 2 legs (still connected), 2 hands (fingers still in web like shape), brain forming, stomach, 2 eye sockets, 2 ear buds, and collar bones beginning to form. She also said that the cord looked great. All such reassuring things to hear! And baby is measuring right on track! Hopefully this continues...I'd prefer to not have a 11 pounder like it's Daddy!! :)

It was so cool to get to see baby this early and then again at 20 weeks! With Katelyn, I only got 1 ultrasound the entire pregnancy and that was at 20 weeks. So this was super cool!

Katelyn has enjoyed these pictures and carried them around quite a bit this afternoon. She'll look at them and say "Baby Sister" and then put the pictures on the entertainment center. (She always calls it baby sister even if we call it brother or sister.) I think she's starting to understand it a bit more - She'll say "Baby in tummy." I'm sure it'll make a little more sense when I start to show even more. Hopefully the enthusiasm continues; I think she'll be a great big sister!!

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Brandy Layton said...

Wonderful!!! I am very excited for your new peanut!