14 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Shortly after we moved to MO, we were invited to a playgroup. We've since attended weekly and it was our turn to host. So I decided that a Valentine's Party would be fun. I kept toying with which day to have it. Would I be in the hospital? Still pregnant?? In the end I decided to just go with the 14th and take my chances. After all, they would all understand if it had to be cancelled. Jack was secretly hoping that me doing this party would throw me into labor. Well, no luck with the going into labor part of it. The party still took place on Valentine's Day.  6 toddlers were invited as well as their mom's. I had activities planned and then of course there was always the toy room to keep them entertained.
Daddy's Valentine!

She wanted me to take pictures of her. Sounds good to me.

She was really hammin' it up!

Nice pose huh?!

Kisses before heading off to work.

I found this cute pattern on the internet to make mailboxes. I thought "Oh how fun. The kids can put them together." I was wrong about that. I put the first one together and it was a struggle so I decided to have them done before the kiddos arrived. Katelyn's valentines were heart crayons I made and the card said "Happy Valentine's Day for Crayon out loud."

There were heart shaped brownies and heart shaped sugar cookies to decorate. The kids put LOTS and LOTS of sprinkles on their cookies. That was no surprise to me though.

What Valentine's party would be complete without a heart shaped pizza??

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day full of love!! Our day was great and ended great as well. Grammie has arrived to stay for a couple weeks while we're waiting for 2.0 to arrive! He can come anytime!!

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