13 February 2012

MO Snow #2

This snow was the most we have received yet and was about 4 inches. Katelyn was once again VERY happy to wake up in the morning and look out the window to see snow! Katelyn and I went out in the morning and she made tracks and rolled all over the place. They released post early because of the road conditions so Jack was home mid afternoon and they went back out again. She was very perplexed to find that her tracks were gone and wanted to know where they went. Unfortunately, we don't have a sled so she wasn't able to participate in sledding, maybe we can get one for the next snow because I doubt this winter is over with!

Making snow angels

Rolling in the snow

Hot chocolate to warm up after playing in the snow. She's never been a fan of chocolate but seemed to enjoy the hot chocolate. I think she felt like a big girl drinking out of that cup.

Round #2. Helping shovel snow with Daddy.

We never would have seen this in GA!

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