20 February 2012

{Watch Mommy Grow} 9 Months

Well, I'm not so happy to be writing this post today. Today is 2.0's due date and no sign of him yet. He needs to get this show rolling - there are too many people anxiously awaiting his arrival! I have an appt on Wednesday and I'm hoping that I'll be more dilated than a 1, but honestly, I'm not expecting it. My guess is, if my water doesn't break between now and February 28, he'll be an induction baby. I just do not foresee going to the hospital because of contractions. Please, please prove me wrong lil guy!!!

40 weeks!

And of course, a picture with my girl!
Please say a prayer that the next Baby 2.0 post will be pictures of our new lil guy!!! I'm not sure how much longer this Momma can hold out!

P.S. I am all caught up on the blog!! Finally and Woohoo!!!

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