20 January 2013

Magic House

  We headed to St. Louis today and went to the Magic House with Jack's Sister, Rachel and her kids, Sadie and David. We have been wanting to do several things in St. Louis while we are only a couple of hours away, but none of them sounded like any fun with an infant. Will is getting to the age now where he is much more cooperative, although still not a fan of being in his carseat for extended periods of time! Rachel's family are members at the Magic House so she used her guest passes to get us in for free! It was SOO nice of her to share and of course Katelyn had a great time.

Top: Fishing. The end of the pool was magnetic and the tip of the fishes were magnetics. This was one of Katelyn's favorite things and she was constantly asking to go back and go "Fishing."
Bottom: Playing around in Water World. They didn't spend too much time her which kind of surprised me. 

Shopping! It didn't take her and Sadie any time at all to fill up the shopping basket with food and head to the register. Then it was Katelyn's turn to be the checker. Grammie is helping her get stuff rung up. She loved playing cashier just like I remember loving to do when I was a little girl. I always wanted to be the one behind the register punching all the buttons and scanning things across the scanner. Oh the dreams of little girls haha!

Top: Sadie and Katelyn playing around on the board where you push the little plastic pins through to make impressions. They were having a blast because they were pushing against each other. Tons of giggling going on here!
Bottom: Climbing the tree that is several stories tall. Sadie was a pro, but Katelyn was a little apprehensive. She wasn't a big fan when other kids came her way. Guess she just needed her own time to make it. Needless to say she didn't last long and was back out.

Shadow Room!! They loved this as did the adults. Aunt Rachel lifted Sadie up and Jack lifted Katelyn up and they made quite the figures!

And then there was the static electricity ball! Jack was excited for this room - he remembers doing this at the Magic House when he was a kid. We were hoping to do one big family picture but they would only let 2 go at a time. Bummer! My hair didn't want to go up too much even with me jumping up and down trying to get it to cooperate, but man did Will's hair go crazy. I think Katelyn's hair looks kind of like a 90s hair do gone bad! And of course that lovely 3 year old smile to go with it! haha!


Left: Going down the 3 story slide. I think the girls went down it 7-8 times and only stopped because Aunt Rachel said it was getting too busy and they were having to wait too long in between turns. The girls would get to the bottom, look at each other and say "LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!" And up the stairs they'd run!
Right: Playing with Jack in the soap room.

And Will was such a trooper ALL day, as was David! Neither of them got their morning naps and both fell asleep on the 20 minute ride to the MH but of course promptly woke up once we got there. And there were no naps being taken while we were there. He was pretty happy until the end when he was hungry and ready to go!

Left: Driving a delivery truck.
Right: Go figure - fishing again. Once they caught the fish, they took it "upstream" and dropped it back in and then the fish would "swim" back to the pond. You could follow along the "stream" and watch it swim back to get caught again. She loved watching it go back downstream.

There was also a nursery. Dr. Sadie and Dr. Katelyn were checking up on the newest patients. Dr. Rachel ( a real Doctor!) was helping them out a bit. Katelyn kept saying that her baby was "SO heavy." She had a little boy baby that she named Will. Go figure! Sadie was a little more creative with her baby's name, but I can't remember what it was.

Giving her baby a bath, getting a weight on it, rocking it and feeding it a bottle. She was quite the lil Doctor or nurse because I never heard a peep out of the little guy the entire time we were in there. haha!

And Katelyn said this was one of her favorites as well - the Veterinarian Clinic. It was so cute and realistic! They had cages on both walls - one with dogs and one with cats. All the animals had names on their cages. Katelyn's dog was named "Daisy." She gave her a check up and decided she needed her leg casted so poor Daisy got a cast on her front leg. Then it was bath time. She gave it a good scrubbing in the sink and then there was an air dryer to dry it off and boy did the dryer have some power! It would blow the stuff animals right off the counter! It was very cute.

There were also rooms that were a Library, Bank, Electricity Company and Pizza Restaurant. They had a lot of fun in the Restaurant serving everyone.

After about 2.5 - 3 hours, the adults and babies were spent! The girls of course would still be there if we wouldn't have made them leave! We headed back to Aunt Rachel's house and the girls played, we had dinner and then headed home.

Watching a lil bit of Wild Kratts while we get the car loaded.

 Will slept the entire time home and I thought Katelyn would, but she stayed awake the whole ride!

We had a great time and look forward to going to the zoo, arch, and maybe science center!

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