08 January 2013


 Katelyn started 6 weeks of a "Mini Soccer" sport. It's not a league and they have no games but learn the fundamentals of the game and it requires parental participation. This will be some good Daddy/Daughter bonding time! 

She was so excited to go to soccer tonight and asked about  it all day today. She was ready to wear her shin guards and play a game, but of course that wasn't the case. She didn't seem too upset and seemed to have fun but by the end she was done for the night. Since this was just the first night, they just worked on passing and stopping the ball. The hardest part - not touching the ball! I think that will be the biggest struggle the entire 6 weeks!

Sitting so nicely while the "coach" is talking and giving instruction.

And here we go!

Getting a little one-on-one instruction from Daddy.

And she stopped it. It's so cute to watch. She focuses so hard on getting her foot on top of the ball. Gotta love sports at this age!!!!

This was the gym.....MASS CHAOS! And they were all 3 year old and their parents...even crazier!
Kickin' hard!
Each week they will work on more drills. I'm excited to see what she is like at the end of the 6 weeks and if soccer is something she is interested in. The next "mini sport" is Softball and this Momma CAN.NOT.WAIT for that to start. Daddy will be the one with the camera on that sport!

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