24 January 2013

{Watch Me Grow} 11 Months

I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about this month's post. 11 months means my baby is not going to be a baby for very long but on the other hand I'm ready for a lot of the "baby" stage things to be done and over!

This little guy is busy growing and changing so much each day. He seems to be picking up on new things all the time. He started the month off by standing and cruising around furniture with some uneasiness. Now he flies around the furniture. He seems a little too scared to let go too much yet though.

And then once he had the furniture cruisin' skill mastered he moved on to bigger and better things - like pushing Mr. Roaring Lion around. He especially likes it if he's turned on so the lion roars and sings a song while he's cruising around. As soon as he gets to the end of his straight line; usually he's run into a wall or piece of furniture, then he'll walk around the lion, push his nose again (maybe once, maybe 10 times) and then either push the lion backwards back to where he came from or we'll try to turn the lion for him...which he isn't much of a fan.  It is so funny to watch him walk behind the lion because he looks so bow legged when he's walking.  Either way, it's so cute to watch him figure out what he is going to do! Problem solving already!!

And then there are the teeth. He is now the proud owner of 5 teeth with a 6th one pushing through any day. Now if he would just figure out how to use these new chompers he possesses!


No real words quite yet, but LOTS of "dadadaddadadad" and constant jabbering in his own tongue. He sure lets us know when he isn't happy and he doesn't even have to use his real words yet.


Still great at baby food, but not a big fan of finger foods. He seems scared of whatever I give him as if it's poison. He LOVES the Gerber cheese puffs but refuses to eat the little puffs and not the biggest fan of the wagon wheels. I sure hope he changes his mind on the puffs because I stocked up when I had a bunch of coupons! ha! When he does put something in his mouth, he's not quite sure what to do with it. He doesn't act like he knows to chew. I guess he's still used to baby food and being able to pretty much just swallow. So he'll get a little piece of his solid food on the back of his tongue and act like he's gagging. Yes, quite the ordeal especially when we are out to eat! Oh child, just figure it out please!! And I know I'll probably regret saying to hurry up and figure it out because I'm sure in a few years he'll be eating me out of house and home!


We are having more and more sleep through the night nights, but those darn teeth were rough on him. I feel like I was giving him motrin or tylenol every night for about 2 weeks straight and as soon as it wore off he would wake up. Almost like an alarm clock. I felt bad giving it to him so often, but he clearly needed it.


We had a pretty busy month with Christmas falling during this month. After a couple Christmas' he had the opening figured out!
Santa came to our house and brought him an activity cube!

And he also brought him a xylophone! The mallet's pretty good to chew on too. Multipurpose xylophone! ha!
And then after we celebrated Christmas at our house, we went to Jackson and celebrated with Grammie and Pops, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jeff, Sadie and David. We had a great several days and can't wait for the boys to be a little older and be able to play with each other (or should I say get in trouble together :) )
Will playing with David's bouncer toys and trying to show him the ropes of crawling and pulling up to things. He wants him to hurry up and get these things mastered so they can go off on some adventures together.
And Will also got to experience his first snow! It will be so much more fun when he can actually walk and not have to just sit in a pile. But, he was actually ok with it, even with it being pretty cold outside as well.

Sitting on Daddy's Sled that he used when he was a kid.
And then there was present time at Grammie and Pops. And Will LOVED the wrapping paper and even tried to open other people's gifts if we weren't watching close enough.
Where's Will?!
One of Will's buddy's celebrated his 1st birthday so we had to get an updated picture of the little ones all lined up.
L-R David H 14 Months, David B 12 months (birthday Boy), Will 11 months, Mason 8 months
Then we headed to St. Louis for a day and went to the Magic House with Aunt Rachel and the kids. This is about the most activity that Will did the entire time we were there. He was a good boy and sat contently in his stroller!
I  just love his hair!!

Favorite Toys/Books:

I don't think he has a favorite favorite toy really. He likes his new car ramps he got for Christmas as well as the Little People school bus. He especially likes the toys that play music and will shake his head back and forth when it's playing. He's got the rhythm!

 And of course he LOVES LOVES LOVES any of Katelyn's toys and to get in her things and maybe just mess them all up when she's trying to play!

Playing with Katelyn's Ken Barbie Doll. At least he picked up the boy barbie.


He LOVES bath time and will stay in there forever. If he's especially cranky in the evening, we do bath and he usually cheers up and we are able to buy about 30-45 minutes of happy time!

Laundry is pretty exciting as well. He was watching the dryer go around as well as seeing his reflection in the door.

Weekly Pictures:

January 4, 2013 - 45 Weeks

January 11, 2013 - 47 Weeks

January 18, 2013 - 47 Weeks


He didn't gain his usual pound this month. Maybe he's starting to slow down! He is still fitting into some 6-9 month clothes but mostly wearing 9-12 months. I can't wait to see how much he grows and changes in the next month. I'm guessing he will be pretty close to walking by his birthday. Guess we'll find out soon enough!

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