25 June 2013

Backyard Water Fun!


We got a small pool and set it up in the backyard. The weather was actually bearable for the non swimmers too. Will hasn't been a fan of the water or pools so I wasn't expecting much. He actually enjoyed it, but wouldn't sit down in the pool. He walked around and played, but never got too comfy!

(Time for a haircut I think!)

Watch out - she'll squirt you!

And he'll use his watering can to dump water on you!

Playing nicely together....can you believe it!?

My cutie patootie!

And my sweet, pretty girl!

After the pool lost it's appeal, we set up the sprinkler.

Will got much closer than I ever imagined he would!

And then Daddy brought out the BIG guns! And the FUNNNN began!

She loved teasing Daddy and then running when he sprayed her. They were all having a blast!!! Love seeing this!

"You can't get me Daddy!"

And Will was also running from the squirt guns.

On the Run!

And Will couldn't stop giggling either!

Fun was had by everyone! Big and Little!!! It's so cool that Jack still has his super soaker water guns from when he was a kid and they are still in great working order! I feel like these bad boys are going to get LOTS of use over the next several years!

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