06 April 2010

11 Months

Once again, I find myself saying over and over...How?!? How did my little baby get to be so big already!? I don't want to be celebrating her 1st birthday :( I want her to stay my little baby. Even though I am loving every minute of watching her figure out new things, I still think back to when we brought her home from the hospital the first day and thinking that her 1st birthday was an eternity away. That eternity is almost over!

My little photogenic girl is gone.
This one in the pictures doesn't want to sit still long enough for me to get her picture!
She has places to be and things to do!

Katelyn found the plastic container cabinet.
She "blessed" all my containers!

Happy 11 Months Beautiful!!

1 comment:

Joann said...

What could be more fun than cleaning out a cabinet? She is adorable!!!