01 April 2010

Military Child Month

April is the Month of the Military Child and the Child Development Center that Katelyn goes to has lots of activities planned. Today they kicked off the month with a parade involving all the kids at the centers (lots of little ones with color coordinating t-shirts), high school marching band and JROTC, and several speakers including the current General on post.

Katelyn participated in the parade today and rode it out in the buggy. They were all so darn cute riding around in the buggy. (There are no pictures from the parade because in the flurry of getting ready this morning, I forgot the camera. Bad mom, I know!)

Such a cute military child!

It got pretty warm here today
so it was time to break out the shorts.
Man I wish I had cute little legs like that!

If you know a Military Child give them a hug and thank them for being so tough! It's just as hard being a military child as a military spouse!

P.S. Katelyn is doing stellar at the CDC....we have come so far in the last month! When I dropped her off a month ago, she would cry the whole time. Now she plays and today she even at lunch there!!!! :) So proud of my baby girl! (I won't be able to call her that for much longer!)

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Steph said...

I didn't know it was Military Child Month, glad to hear Katelyn is liking the CDC!