26 April 2010

On the Go

Katelyn is figuring out the walking thing, slowly but surely. I didn't think she would have it figured out by her birthday but I think she is going to be very close. She has a 10 days to figure it out! Can you believe it...10 more days...but that's another post!

Align Center(She was going for a bit but my the time I got the camera, down she went!
Don't worry, I'm sure there will be more to come!)

And just for fun! :)


MICHELE said...

What?!?! 10 days 'til she is one!! Holy cow. However, to this day I am STILL laughing at your "eviction post." hopefully it is even funnier now that she is here.
Oh, and she is such a doll face in those suns!

Steph said...

Amazing! She is doing great, keep the videos coming!