02 March 2011

A Beautiful Georgia Day!

Today was just beautiful weather wise here in GA!
This past weekend it was HOT!
It got into the mid 80s and was tough to not turn the AC on.
I just couldn't fathom turning the AC on in FEBRUARY!
I made poor Jack suffer through it and thankfully it cooled down some the last few days.

Katelyn LOVES to be outside, but I sometimes struggle to find things to keep her occupied.
The motor oil isn't the best toy!
She loves to play with bubbles but if I let her have the "real" bubbles, they will be all over the driveway in the first 5 minutes, so her bottle and wand get her special bubbles in it (water!).
She practiced on her tricycle this afternoon, hopefully soon she'll have that figured out soon so she can motor around on that!

Here's our little outdoor girl:

If you look closely on the right of this picture, you can see the bubbles that she actually blew!
She was pretty surprised herself!

Playing a little soccer

Trying to take the tricycle for a spin, but she needs a little more practice.

Time for a little basketball.
I got this at a garage sale for next to nothing, but it's missing the little piece to keep it in any of the positions so Jack needs to do a little work on it.
But no complaints for the price I paid!

I found a water gun in the toy bin.
It was the hit of the afternoon!
Although she had a little trouble pulling the trigger.
She kept shooting herself in the face.
Someone tell this girl not to point the water gun in her face! :)

She was always so surprised when it'd hit her face and then she'd laugh so hard!
It was hilarious!
She had us both laughing hard!

Now time for a little more coloring

And then the little neighbor girl ventured over.

And I think she exhausted all of her outdoor options!
Good thing Daddy came home from work and it was dinner time,
although she still didn't want to come inside.
We definitely have to take advantage of these fair weather days as the HOT HOT HOT ones are right around the corner!

Hope that Spring is starting to show up for y'all too!

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