17 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Today was a busy day for us.
Katelyn went to school, Jack left for the Nascar race in Bristol and
I'm trying to put the house back together after a busy week.
Katelyn had a green kind of day -
Lucky green t-shirt, green hair bows, green shamrock shaped pancakes for dinner with green milk and green applesauce.

Surprisingly, she ate all of it!
Skeptical Katelyn ate it!
Can you believe it?!?

She called her shirt her "Patty" shirt and
she helped make the green "patty" cakes and green "patty" milk.
Maybe that's why she was agreeable to eat it!
Who knows!

A trip to the park to pass the beautiful afternoon!

Helping make the green "Patty" cakes

The shamrock "Patty" Cakes

A green milk mustache!

And last but not least, using all of her K-State tableware in hopes for a March Madness victory tonight!
Let's go Cats!

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