05 March 2011

Jacksonville Zoo

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed south to Jacksonville to go to the zoo. The Jacksonville Zoo is the closest zoo - It'd be nice if Savannah had one but no dice. Katelyn and I went a year ago to meet a friend there but she was too small to really enjoy any of it. I thought she would love it this time. Well, I think she might still be too young. The 2 hour car ride didn't help matters either. By the time we got there she looked like she could hardly keep her eyes open and then lasted a few minutes of enjoying looking at the animals before she HAD to have her paci. She was just somewhat grouchy all day long. We left Jacksonville about 1:00 and she was about to fall asleep in the stroller, but do you think she would take a nap on the car ride home?!? NOPE! So at 3 she went down for a nap and woke up with a slight fever and was overall in a crap mood the rest of the night. Maybe teeth, another cold, allergies, who knows, but it might explain her temperament at the zoo today. I'm hoping we can start tomorrow off on a better note!

Daddy pointing out the crocodile's to Katelyn

"I can see the world from here!"

She liked watching the elephants eat and drink and would repeat over and over "Eat, Eat, Eat"

Getting a close up!

The giraffe exhibit was so cool! You could pay $2 to feed the giraffe's little twigs of greenery.
They stick their long gray tongue right through the fence and grab it from your hands!
We would have done it but the line was a mile long.
Next time hopefully!

They had a carousel!
This one went MUCH faster and up and down more than the little one she went on last week.
Overall she enjoyed it, but I think she might have liked the little "baby" one more!

Such a big girl on the carousel!

Checking out the penguin exhibit -
I was a bit disappointed with how this was laid out.
You had to crawl under there to see them swimming in the water.

Even the little kids were having trouble not hitting there head.
Imagine an adult crawling in there - and there were quite a few!

And last but not least - my favorite exhibit at the zoo!!
The Monkeys!!
These guys were pretty busy showing off for us this afternoon.
They were climbing all over and eating reeds.
I could have stood there for hours just watching them "monkey" around.

Hope y'all are having a good weekend too and the weather is being cooperative!

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