03 March 2011

Jumpin' Jacks

Today Amy and I took the girls to Jumpin' Jacks.
It has an arcade and bouncy things.
Neither of the girls liked the bouncing part and even started crying to get out of it.
BUT, the big blow up slides were ok.
Figure that out?!
The slide that Katelyn wanted to do again and again and a.g.a.i.n gave you the stomach up in your throat feeling when you were halfway down, but that didn't stop her!

(Kind of fuzzy because the lighting was terrible
and the camera had a hard time trying to focus from far away.

At first we would go down together,
but then she decided she didn't need me to go down with her anymore.
And away she went!

The pirate ship had the slide that Katelyn loved.

The 50 cent carousel was another big hit!
They wanted to go again and again and again.
The last time she'd been on a carousel was last 4th of July and she HATED it!

She kept saying "weeeee."
I can't wait to take her to the carnival this summer
and put her on a bigger carousel where the horses do a lot more than more 3 inches up and down!

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