27 July 2011

Big Sister

Katelyn's ready to reveal her secret........

I'm going to be a:

No, You aren't seeing things.
Her shirt says "Big Sister!"
We're so excited to announce that we'll be welcoming Baby J #2 into the world in mid February!

I had my first appointment today and the doctor found the heartbeat right away and
it was beating strong at 170 bpm.

We'll all very excited for this next little one to join our family....now come on February.
It seems like an eternity!!!


MICHELE said...

please disregard my FB comment...clearly I didn't take time to read this yet. HA! But I always ended up pregnant in June and had Feb babies. HA! I am excited for you. How are you feeling? But believe pregnancy #2 goes FAST. It will be here before you know it. Time to get scrappin' ;)

Joann said...

Y I P P I E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Katelyn is up the job of big sister.