18 October 2011

Baking with Momma

{October 6, 2011}

After Katelyn made muffins at school, she has been asking for muffins repeatedly. I'm always hesitant because she's not a sweet fan, so I'm doubtful that she'll even eat them. And I definitely don't need any extra sweets sitting around!

I finally gave in and let her help make some muffins. She thinks she can do it all by herself, even crack the eggs! HA!

Waiting for them to bake!
(Don't mind the lack of pants;
when we're at home, it's easier for her to go potty if she doesn't have to mess with the pants too!)

Yummmmm.......But of course, she didn't "want" the whole thing. Figures!
But they were sure delicious!!

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