17 October 2011

Time for some BLUE!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound on October 4. Baby was CRAZY active and the tech had a hard time getting her necessary measurements. Baby was NOT happy about her poking and prodding and hid behind my belly button several times. I was beginning to worry that we may not be able to find out if baby was going to be a boy or a girl. Of course the tech said that 98% of the time they are able to find out when they are doing their measurements and if they aren't able to see, then they probably aren't able to get their proper measurements and another ultrasound would be ordered.

BUT - when she got down to the legs she froze the screen and my heart about fell out - She clicked on something and started typing. Before she could finish typing, I said " Oh My Goodness, is that what I think it is!?!?!"

It sure was ----

And for all of the measurements she took of baby boy's legs, he was sure to show us that he was all boy. There is no question now - there won't be any surprises in the delivery room!

We are so ecstatic and thrilled! I just couldn't believe my eyes; I think I was in heaven the rest of the day. Daddy had a pretty big smile on his face as well! The tech said baby was measuring right on schedule - for now at least. I'm again concerned that he'll be a big boy. He seemed to have big feet and long legs already. Hmmmm.....I wonder where he might be getting that from?!? So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for no bigger than a 9# baby - 8# sounds big enough, but if we have to compromise between an 11 pounder and a 7 pounder, I'll take 8 anyday!

And for those that think shopping for a boy isn't as much fun - I found that to be very wrong!! There are lots of cute little guy stuff out there!!

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Steph said...

back on the blog!! I bet grandpa J is excited too, got to carry on the Johannes name! I forgot how big that trailer was, jeesh! You weren't kidding about all those boxes!