17 October 2011

"Be careful Babies, Hold on!"

Jack's parents made the dreaded trip from MO to GA the weekend after the wedding to take back the Monte and 4 Wheeler. Katelyn was in heaven seeing grandparents for 2 weekends in a row. Hopefully she'll get really spoiled by being able to see them often in MO!

Jack brought our trailer over to the house and we unloaded all the empty boxes out of it and into the garage so we could start the packing process. Katelyn was enjoying pulling her babies around in her wagon and taking them into and out of the trailer. As she went down the driveway and up onto the trailer ramp she would always say "Be careful babies, Hold on!" It was pretty darn cute!

Katelyn making sure they have it all under control!

Using her wagon to haul a load into the garage.

The new truck hooked up to the trailer.
The trailer is so long I couldn't get back far enough to get it all in the shot!

One of her trips in and out of the trailer.

And of course the weather didn't want to cooperate!
But what's a rain storm without Katelyn out playing in it!?!

She got some air!

And here are all the boxes....empty, but hopefully not for long. About 2 months and we'll be midwest bound! Hallelujah!

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MICHELE said...

you pack yourself? I thought one of the military perks was they did it?! :)
And wow Katelyn did get some air. Lo would have fallen square on her bum if she would have done that.

Congrats on the boy again. So exciting!