12 October 2011

Missouri and a wedding

Wow - how can it be that it was over a month ago the last time I blogged?!!? Guess it's time again to play catch up!

We took a quick trip too MO for a wedding. It was great to see family, but man that drive was looonnng. It just seems like it's never going to end. I'm so thankful that we only have to make that drive one more time and that time will be when we are moving!! Katelyn was of course a great traveler, but everyone's back and butts were sore by the end!

Katelyn hadn't seen her cousin Sadie since Christmas!
They had lots of catching up to do!

Everyone decided that Jack's new job should be wedding planning.
He steamed the 100+ year old dress, because no one else would touch it, Worked on yard work, etc.
He was the Jack of all trades...hahah!! Good one huh?!

(18 weeks here)

Our pretty pretty princess!

And there were lots of hugs given over the weekend!

Grammie got the girls princess dresses.
They were a big hit!

Grammie and her 2 princesses!

It rained during the Wedding reception on Saturday evening and then again on Sunday morning during the brunch. Katelyn just couldn't take it anymore and needed to be out in it!

And we couldn't leave without a little swimming, although the water was a bit too cold for Katelyn.
Guess she needs some more meat on her bones!

A great weekend and we can't wait to be able to spend more time there once the drive is only 3.5 hours!! Not too much longer!!

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