27 November 2011

Christmas Cookies

Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key. In fact, we didn't even have turkey. It was just the 3 of us, so we decided to just smoke a chicken. We didn't really want to be eating turkey until we moved out of here! I can't wait for next Thanksgiving when we can spend it with more family again!

Yesterday, Katelyn and I made some sugar cookies - well we cut out sugar cookies. Jack bought some colored cookie dough from a fundraiser for a soldier at work. Boy, making cookies with a 2 year old is a lot of work!! If only I had counted how many times she said "I do it!" or "I do it allll by myself!" Within the first 2 minutes we had flour everywhere and all over her face and shirt. Oh well, I suppose the clean up was worth it because she sure seemed to have fun. It was very hard for her to be patient while the cookies were baking though and I'm not sure how many times we had to re roll the cookie dough back out because, well, she didn't really quite understand how to get the most out of the dough. ha! What should I expect, she's only 2?!?!

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