04 November 2011

Packing for the Big Move

I told Katelyn that we needed to start packing for our big move. She got very excited!! (She talks daily about moving to Missouri and says that we are moving that day - such a goofball!) She started bringing me bags from her playroom and started filling them with random toys that she wanted to take. Then she got her shopping cart and shoved them all in it. She would push it around the living room, through the kitchen and back to her playroom all while seeing other things that she needed to take and trying to find room in her cart for them. Ohh and don't let me forget to mention she did the pushing while carrying her baby in her carrier on the other arm. I was laughing so hard - she looked like a homeless person with all their possessions in their shopping cart! I love this little girl to pieces and her imagination right now seemed unbelievable!

(When she woke up from her nap she was kind of cranky, so I told her I needed her help with packing up some of her books. Suddenly the crankiness was gone! She is all excited to pack boxes and is A LOT of help - maybe too much. But no complaints here. In a move or 2 she'll be complaining about moving and packing so I'll take it. I was only trying to pack books away that she doesn't read right now or has grown out of and she was wanting to put them ALL in the box. I can only imagine what we will find in random boxes. I guess it doesn't matter, as long as it all makes it to the next place!

She was so proud of this box and decided it needed to be decorated with princess stickers!
There isn't any question where this box belongs!

And just because this is such a cute picture!
(Can she get any cuter?!?! Ok - maybe I'm a little biased!!)

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Joann said...

She seems like she has really pushed the cuteness to a new level! Get those boxes packed Katelyn. Good Job!