29 January 2012

1st Slumber Party

We now live about 70 miles from some good friends, so they came up for a visit over the weekend. They have 2 little girls, one of which is 3 weeks older than Katelyn and boy did they have a great time playing! Katelyn took Reagan to the park and showed her how to skip rocks and then showed her the cave on post that her and Daddy like to explore. It was nice for the momma's and baby to stay home and just relax and chat! 
Sharing some popcorn. Reagan was trying to hide out on the stairs and eat her popcorn. She LOVES popcorn!
 Time for Bed!!!
This was the first time Katelyn had ever shared her bed with anyone. She's only been sleeping in a big girl bed since the beginning of January so I was a little skeptical on how well it would work out, but the girls were both so tired it seemed to work just fine.

The girls being silly before lights out!

They were telling us to leave them alone!

Aren't they just adorable?!?! Katelyn had to have her hair in a ponytail just like Reagan's was.

The Daddy's were chasing them around the living room! AND, the girls were loving it!
I'm sure this is just the first of many slumber parties Katelyn will have and I'm glad that it went over so well! It is so nice and fun to have friends with kids the same ages!

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