04 March 2012

Here's the real story

On Wednesday (February 22, 2012), I went to the Dr. I was 40 weeks and 3 days and getting more and more ready by the second. The nurse took my blood pressure immediately upon being called back and it was slightly elevated (I'd just walked into the hospital and sat down right before being called) and she asked if I had any other concerns. Well I did have a slight concern - it seemed like it took me a little longer every day to get baby to wake up in the morning. I know he was just flat running out of room in there. The Dr. checked me and I was at 2-3 cm. Woohoo!! I was only 1 the last 2 weeks before. After the doctor left the room, the nurse mentioned to me that doc was thinking of inducing me sooner rather than later. (The original induction date was February 28).  I was stoked!!! The Dr. wanted to do an NST first to make sure everything was alright and of course it was. My blood pressure was perfect, as it had been the entire pregnancy, and baby was moving appropriately. Even with a good NST the doctor still thought we should induce soon and that there was no reason to wait any longer. He happened to be on duty the following day so he scheduled me in!
Last night as a family of 3!
 We got to the hospital at 9 AM on Thursday, February 23, 2012. L&D was ready for me and things got rolling right away. I was still only 2-3 cm but they got the pitocin rolling and were hopeful that things wouldn't take too long and baby boy would be here soon. I'm not sure why the doctor felt things would go fast for me - I had told him my first delivery was nothing fast and he just kept saying it's your second it won't take that long. 

So 1:00 PM rolled around and he broke my water.
2:00 PM I got an epidural and then baby boy decided that he wasn't going to tolerate the pitocin and his heart rate would decelerate after each contraction. So began the turning back and forth to try to find a position that he would tolerate. 
7:00 PM I thought for sure I'd have a little guy by now but still no sign of him. I was dilated to 6 cm but still so far from delivery. My contractions had slowed down because the pitocin had to be decreased so much. 
12:00 AM Still no sign. I was completely dilated and the doctor put me in a sitting position to try to have gravity pull baby down. I pushed for 1 hour and he didn't drop hardly at all. So back to the sitting position. For the next hour I was in extreme pain. The epidural did not seem to do anything! I can't imagine doing the entire labor and delivery without pain meds! Wowzers!! 
3:00 AM I started pushing again with the nurse and Jack and he seemed to come down a little with each contraction and push but I never remember pushing so hard with Katelyn. Finally the doctor came back to my room after delivering 4 babies in the last 4 hours. I was getting so tired and told him I didn't care what we had to do he had to get this baby out!!! I asked if he could use the vacuum and he said yes if that didn't work it would time for a c-section. At this point, I didn't care. I was in so much pain and so tired I just wanted to be DONE!!! So after 3-4 attempts with the vacuum at...
3:42 AM William John was born at a whooping 8 pounds 14 ounces and 22 inches long! 

What a delivery this had been!! I never imagined he would be quite that big and obviously his size was the reason he didn't want to come out. I was all the  more thankful that the doctor didn't make me wait another week to have him. He would have been 10 pounds!!! AND he would have been a leap year baby - both I did not want!!! It's amazing how much love you can have for someone so fast!!!

Look at all that hair!!

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MICHELE said...

congrats. What a labor and delivery you had. So glad you got to go early. He is a handsome little boy and I love the name. I wanted to name Micah that, but Chad didn't like it. Hope you are adjusting it well. It takes a lot of time. :)