09 March 2012

2 weeks old and a check up

Will is already 2 weeks old - wow where has the time gone? We managed this week as Jack headed back to work. His first day back to work and my first day to care for 2 kiddos on my own started off with Jack being gone overnight. Nothing like getting thrown in with full force! But, we managed just fine and we were all alive when he came home haha!

Will has been sleeping pretty well at night. He'll sleep for 3+ hours and then at and usually go back down without too much of a fight. He was doing much better in the sleep department when compared to Katelyn at this age, that was until last night. I guess he didn't want us to get too used to him sleeping well. He just fought sleep ALL.NIGHT.LONG! He would fall asleep on me and then when I would put him down he'd stay asleep for a few minutes before going into a full out scream fest. I'm not sure if he had gas or was just being stubborn but it made for a long night. Finally to get some sleep, we turned the swing on and he swung for a while allowing me to get about 3 hours. Thank you Will - can we please do better tonight?!?

He has still been nursing great and definitely prefers the real thing over a bottle. 

He had his 2 week appointment this morning. The doctor said he's perfect :) Imagine that - well we already knew that! 

2 Week Stats:
Weight - 9 pounds 8 ounces
Length - 21.25 inches
Head circumference- 15.5 inches

Proud big sister!

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Steph said...

gosh they look alike! makes you look at your first kid like they grew up over night, doesn't it?!?

you're half way there to being out of zombie land. and it seems like babies kind of follow a six week old six hours of sleep rule. Hope Will does that for you!