25 March 2012

{Watch Me Grow} - 1 Month Old

1 Month old already! How can this be? I must admit that this is not my most favorite age. I enjoy the stage where there is more interaction - smiling, talking, etc AND sleeping!!! I'm so excited that we have a boy in our family! It just seems complete. And whoever said that shopping for a little boy isn't fun?? There are so many cute things for little guys!

Not too many exciting developments the first month. Just eat, sleep, poop and repeat!

Birthday Picture! February 24, 2012
1 Week - March 2, 2012
2 Weeks - March 9, 2012
3 Weeks - March 16, 2012
4 Weeks - March 23, 2012
Footprint time after his first bath at the hospital

He hasn't even left the hospital and he's already watching NASCAR with Daddy!

One of the things he's done most this month!
  • He started out sleeping pretty well for a newborn - about 3 hours per stretch, but toward the end of his first week that changed.The last couple of weeks have been terrible! He will sleep decent for the first stretch (2.5-3 hours) and then after that it's all down hill. Maybe he'll go back down right away or maybe he'll eat and stay up for a couple hours and then when he does go back down he is noisy and doesn't sleep longer than an hour. This has made for one tired Momma!
  • Has been sleeping in the swing not moving because he seems to have some reflux issues and isn't a big fan of sleeping flat. The bassinet we bought for him hasn't gotten much use. We don't have these issues diagnosed yet, but it seems to me that it's reflux. If it continues we'll be heading to the doc this week. I'm not going to wait until his 2 month appointment.
  • He is the NOISEST sleeper. He makes all kinds of grunts and squeeks and I am blaming the reflux for that. He seems to be the noisest when he has something that he can't get worked whether it be gas or a burp. These noises keep Mommy up but Daddy is able to sleep right through them all. Must be nice!
  • Last night was the best night we've had so far so I'm hoping that maybe he is turning a corner!
  • Nursing has been going MUCH better. Guess I just had to power through the pain. 
  • He will take a bottle just fine so I've been doing some pumping. 
  • He seems to be a little snacker. He's hard to keep awake to eat a full "meal" and then when he wakes up an hour later he wants to eat again!
  • He has smiled for me a couple of times and I know they weren't gas smiles!!! I can't wait for more and more of these. It certainly makes the sleepless nights a little more bearable!

 The first bath at home and he hated every second of it! His cord finally came off when he was 2 weeks old so bathing could take place in the tub and it has been MUCH better!

Birth announcement picture

 He has started to like laying in his play gym. The colorful singing star has started to grab his attention. His eyesight must be getting better because he is starting to focus on things and really look at people.  Grammie was here last week with us and when she first picked him up he gave her the one over! I hope the attachment to Mommy isn't quite as bad as it was with his sister!

Brother/ Sister love! When I'm taking Will's weekly picture, Katelyn always wants to get her picture taken too. Each week we have one with both kids. This will be fun to look back at over the year and see how much Katelyn has changed as well!

  Weight: ~11 pounds (at home weight estimation)
  Height: ??
  Diapers: Size1
  Clothes: 3 Month

Happy 1 month birthday little buddy! I'm so happy that you were chosen to be a part of our family! We just love you so much!!!

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MICHELE said...

love it. This is bringing back SO many memories of MW at that age. He was the same, noisy sleeper, reflux (girl I am the queen momma of that!} and trouble nursing. Glad it is starting to even out. Trust your momma instincts and push those doc for reflux meds. He is such a doll!