14 April 2012

Easter Day and pictures!

 The Easter Bunny came again on Sunday!

Will was real thrilled as you can see! ha!

My adorable kiddos!!
Katelyn has been in a picture taking mood lately. Whenever I get the camera out to take a picture of Will she will always say "Take a picture of me too!" Ok - I can do that :) So I told her we would go outside in the afternoon and take some pictures she was all excited. But then once we got out there she was the least bit cooperative! Oh well, there are some good ones just not a good one of the two of them together like I was hoping.


The Easter Bunny brought this cool bubble wand and it makes the BIGGEST bubbles. Katelyn was having a blast chasing them around popping them. She wasn't quite strong enough to squeeze the wand to make the bubbles herself.

She also got a kite. She wanted to fly it SO bad but the wind was uncooperative. When you want some wind you can't get it, but most of the time the wind is blowing the house down! So I'm sure we'll find plenty of hot, windy, summer days to fly her kite!

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