01 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

 Yesterday, Fort Leonard Wood had an Easter Egg Hunt. This was probably one of the most organized events I've been there. They had the hunt broken down by age groups. The youngest group (0-3) was the only group that was allowed to have the parents in the roped off area with them. The eggs weren't hidden, just thrown all over the place. As we were walking up, I heard a Marine say that there were 16,000 eggs. That's a lot of eggs but after seeing all the areas with eggs covering the ground, I believe it. I can't imagine stuffing all those!!

Waiting for the hunt to start!

See what I mean about all the eggs!

And they're off! Hurry, hurry! Pick em' up!!

Trying to get them open to see what's inside

These eggs were so hard to get open, even Jack had trouble!

Waiting in line for the Easter Bunny. Hanging out on Daddy's shoulders!

My 2 lovelies on the Easter Bunny's lap. Will didn't mind at all - he slept through the entire event!

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