27 April 2012

{Watch Me Grow} 2 Months

We've almost made it out of my most un-favorite phase. I'm loving how much  more interactive he is getting everyday! He's really noticing people and following you with his eyes. If Jack walks by him, he'll strain his head to follow him. So cute! He doesn't seem to be scared of people yet. I hope he stays that way! I'm falling more and more in love everyday! As if there was a lack of love for him period hehe :)

This month Will started:
  • Smiling! He is a smiling machine and very easy to  make smile. I just love that gummy grin and Jack tells him he does an Elvis lip curl.

All Smiles!
  • He is starting to make more sweet cooing noises. I love this stage and can't wait until he starts "talking" more.
  • He likes his play gym and will often times end up with one of the hanging toys in his hand. Although, most of the time it's not intentional but once he gets one he holds on to it for a while!
  • He's become quite the bubble maker within the last few days.
  • Trying to roll. He'll kick his legs over but can't quite get his arms to cooperate either. So he'll just go back and forth with his legs. He's not going to be too happy when he figures out how to roll onto this tummy, but he HATES tummy time! If I put him on his tummy, he'll just lay there face planted straight in the ground. Guess his head is just too heavy to move!

Hating tummy time. I think he's saying "Mom, really?!?"
  • Big surprise! He's a great eater! He is still nursing great and will take a bottle without hesitation. He'll even take his bottle straight out of the fridge. It makes it so easy - we don't have to worry about waiting to get it warmed up. Whatever he doesn't finish just goes right back in the fridge and hasn't been heated numerous times. I can fill the bottle to the top and then he just works on it throughout the day.
  • We went to the doctor at about 6 weeks for his reflux issues and has been on Zantac for almost 3 weeks now with GREAT results. The projectile vomiting is obsolete! We have the normal baby spit up. It's so nice to be able to wear the same outfit the entire day. Before the medicine we were both changing at least 3 times a day! For him that wasn't a problem, but for me, I didn't have 3 outfits to change into every day without doing laundry daily!
  • The only problem we have with the Zantac is that he hates the taste of it. So I have to mix it in with milk and he'll drink it out of the bottle no problem. So in the morning he gets a lovely bottle with vitamin and Zantac! Sounds and smells delicious! ha!

Joining us at dinner time now


  • For the last 2 weeks, sleeping has improved 100 fold! We have started swaddling him again with the swaddle blankets and keeping him up in the evenings until 8:30 when it's bathtime. I noticed that his arms and legs still did that baby reflex thing and then he would wake up and not be able to settle back down. Keeping him up in the evenings is such a struggle because he is so ready for bed around 7:45-8 but SO worth it. If he would sleep through the night, then I would put him down when he wants but I'm not ready to go to bed at that time and I'm still trying to get to bed shortly after he goes to bed to take full advantage of him sleeping. He has been going down around 9:00 and sleeping until 3-4 so he's doing between 6 and 7 hours for the first stretch. After the first stretch it's another story. It's as if he's had enough sleep that he can't get back to sleep sound enough to last longer than an hour before he's waking back up. He's not necessarily hungry but he's awake. We bought a little aquarium thing that hangs on his crib and plays music and has lights and that has helped put him back to sleep a number of times. But if he is really fighting it, then he goes to the trusty swing. He'll usually sleep a couple hours plus in the swing before he starts to rouse. The swing isn't moving and frankly, at this point I'm just going to do whatever it takes to get some sleep. I kept telling myself that I didn't want him to get used to the swing, but 2 friends have said don't worry about it, you'll have to do sleep training regardless so just do what you have to do to get some sleep. They are SO right!
  • BUT -- the last 2 nights have been horrendous! He got his 2 month shots 2 days ago and the past 2 nights have been back to the old sleeping habits. I am hoping and praying that it's just the shots that were causing him to wake often and nothing else. Things have changed with the use of Tylenol and shots. Now, they don't want you to give them Tylenol until they have a 102.5 fever. With Katelyn, we gave it to her before we left the house and then throughout the next day and night for her irritability. Poor guy didn't get any Tylenol at all so maybe that was part of it. I almost caved but supposedly the research has shown that using Tylenol decreases the effectiveness of the vaccination. Say a prayer that tonight is better!! This Momma does not want to go back to the old ways!! I was getting too used to 7 hour stretches. He even did 8 hours on Easter!

  • He is not a paci kid. Part of me wishes he was but the other part is ok with him not. It has been nice to not have to deal with him spitting it out at night and wanting it back (like his sister did) but it would be nice to be able to pacify him in between feedings. I think that sometimes he isn't necessarily hungry but will want to nurse to go back to sleep. That is when a paci would be great help! 
  • He has a terrible case of baby acne. So bad that I thought it was a rash of some kind. The poor guy had it all over his face, up into his hair line and on his chest. But the doctor reassured me that it would probably be gone by his 2 month appt and he was right! It is completely gone and he now has his baby soft cheeks instead of the sandpaper feeling ones he has. 
  • Once the acne went away, then the cradle cap started. It wasn't too bad at first and then he had it all over his head. Katelyn never had either the acne or cradle cap so poor Will had to make up for it. I finally got some baby oil and worked on it with a soft brush and thankfully it's almost gone now.

Meeting his cousin Sadie for the first time!

Enjoying a nice spring evening!

His 1st Easter!

"I have a lot of hair!"
2 Month appt:
  • He was not too fond of his shots. He really carried on afterwards; poor guy. I fed him after and he would take a few sucks and then let out a cry and then drink a bit  more. He really wanted to make sure I knew that he didn't like what I let them do to him! I feel sorry for the little ones because they think life is great and then all of a sudden bam bam bam! It's for his good and all our kids will be fully vaccinated. Sorry kiddos!
  • The doctor said if there was a picture of a perfect baby that Will would be that picture :) Aww, he's the sweetest! I just love our doctor; he is the best and never makes you feel stupid for bringing them in for anything. In fact, he encouraged me to call or make an appt if I just didn't feel comfortable with something. Gotta love that! Oh and the 2 nurses are amazing too.
  • The doc commented on the size of Will's feet. He couldn't believe how big they were. Yeah, I think he's going to follow in Jack's footsteps with his feet.


Wt: 13# 7 oz (97th percentile)
Ht: 22.5 inches (58th percentile)
HC: 16.25 inches (92nd percentile)
Clothes: 3 months
Diapers: Size 1

2 Months - April 24, 2012

2 Months
  •  I was kind of surprised on this stats. I thought he was going to be 14 pounds. He sure feels like it haha! Also, I'm pretty sure he's longer than 22.5 inches, but getting a length on these little ones is so hard. 
  • I think he is starting to look a lot like me in the eyes and nose. People have been saying it for a few weeks now and I didn't really see it at first but now I do. Will and Katelyn look so much alike at this point (both 2 month pictures) I wonder what color his hair will be??? Maybe it'll stay dark? His eyes are still blue; maybe I'll have 2 blue eyed kids :)
2 Months

5 Weeks - March 30, 2012
6 Weeks - April 6, 2012
7 Weeks - April 13, 2012
8 Weeks - April 20, 2012  

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