01 April 2012

Sleep, Reflux, and everything else

Sleep???  something that we aren't getting too much of around our house! Will thinks it's overrated to sleep too much at night. He'll sleep for the first stretch just fine and then when he wakes up after 3 hours, it is hard for me to get him to go back down soundly. So he'll sleep for an hour or if I'm lucky 2 hours and then be up again. He isn't necessarily hungry, but can't put himself back to sleep yet. He also seems to have gas that he can't get worked out in the wee hours of the morning. Great timing! Jack has been getting up about an hour earlier than his alarm and then I can get about 2 hours of straight sleep! I'm so thankful for this! It's amazing what a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep does for a person!!

On Tuesday night we moved Will to his bedroom because his noises were keeping me up. I still hear them over the monitor but they aren't as loud and I'm able to sleep a little longer until he's really ready to get up. He'll make these noises for quite a while but still be asleep. I just keep telling myself, that it can only get better. One of these nights he's going to surprise me and sleep for a longer stretch! It's just so hard to remember this when you've been up 4 times by 4 AM!

On Tuesday, I took Will to the doctor because his poor face just kept breaking out. At first I thought it was just baby acne, but then it seemed to be getting worse and fast. I noticed it was in his hair and starting to spread to his chest. So I started to question whether he had an intolerance to dairy. I read up on it and talked with a friend and she convinced me it probably wasn't a dairy intolerance. He had also been experiencing a lot of spitting up after eating, so I was about to get an appt to discuss all these issues with the doc.

I kind of felt silly for taking him in for his face, because after I'd made the appt I'd pretty much decided it was just acne and the doctor confirmed my assumptions. Our doctor is just wonderful and reassured me that I'd done the right thing. If I ever had a question about something like that it was completely fine to just bring him in. He also gave us a prescription for Zantac for his reflux. Will has been on that just short of a week and I think it's helping. He doesn't spit up all his meal nor have we had anymore projectile vomiting. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to just manage this on Zantac and not have to do anything else or step up to the next kind of medicine. I was hopeful that the medicine would help him sleep a little better and sounder since the heartburn wouldn't be bothering him, but so far that problem hasn't changed too much.

On a different note - when we were at the doctor, they weighed and measured him again. He's a growing big boy.......weighing in at a whoppin' 11 pounds 9 oz, 22 inches long and a 16 inch head circumference. Obviously the reflux isn't stopping his growth! Lots of people have said they couldn't believe that he weighs that much because he doesn't look that big. I joke that he's going to weigh as much as Katelyn by a year at this rate!

And since you've made it through all of that, here are some pictures!

Little hands and feet are just the cutest!

I always thought those pictures with the parents rings on the little one's toes are so cute. Jack was at work when I was playing around with the camera, so that's why his ring isn't here.

Baby feet!

 These pictures need some editing, etc, but photoshop isn't on this computer so that will have to wait.

5 weeks old - March 30, 2012

Look at all that hair!

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Steph said...

cute pictures!! order some from persnickety and tell me how they turn out!

It can only get better, right?!?! and if he needs to sleep in his swing or carseat to get past the reflux then so be it. you have plenty of time to sleep train him later!

hang in there. Like Michelle said, they'll sleep once they're one!