15 September 2012

Cake Frosting

This weekend Grammie and Pops came to town to watch the kiddos on Friday night while Jack and I went to a dining out for his work. Joann brought a cake for my birthday that is Wednesday and she let Katelyn help her frost it. You should have seen Katelyn's face when she asked her if she wanted to help frost it....YAYYYYYY!!!! Joann is sure brave...I'm not sure I would have been that brave, but I guess what do you have to lose? It wasn't going to the fair or anything and Grammie was right there to supervise.

Such concentration!

Lookin' Good!

Almost Done!

Finished product!

Now cleanup.....

You can't leave any behind!
Good job sweetheart! And thanks to Grammie for being so brave and letting her help! I see more of this in her future...especially when it comes to working with the grandmothers.....they just seem to have more patience for this sort thing than I do ;)

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Suzanne said...

The picture of her and her grandma posing by the finished cake-LOVE! What a cutie! How thick was the frosting? Ha.