03 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

After waiting out Tropical Storm Isaac (they were calling for 8-12 inches of rain and we weren't sure we wanted to leave if that much rain was headed our way) which petered out before it got to us, we headed down the road a couple hours to spend the weekend with Grammie and Pops. Even though we didn't get the 8-12 inches, we sure got plenty of rain, so it was a wet weekend.

Katelyn, of course, had a blast and got plenty of attention!

She finally figured out that she can drive the car, so she gave Will a little ride. Surprisingly, he wasn't scared! And don't worry folks, there were plenty of adults right there and she only went a few feet with him in the car.)
Grammie and Pops have lots of driveway to drive the car on.

Fill 'er up!

Not sure what she's showing him, but I'm sure it's a good one!

And of course, there has to be dress up while we are there....lots and lots of dress up!

We had a good time; got to hang out with some friends on Saturday night and go swimming. It was a nice weekend!

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