04 September 2012

Meet the Teacher Night and the First Day of School!

On Tuesday night (August 28), we had meet the teacher night at Katelyn's new preschool - Westside Baptist. Her new classroom is great! It's packed full of lots of fun things - she's going to have a BLAST! She's been asking about going to her "new school" for the last couple of months so I'm very glad that the time is almost here!

Her Cubbie!

Her teachers: L - Ms. Christine; R - Ms. Heather (Lead teacher)

Working on the scavenger hunt the teachers had planned for the kids.

Her table - there are 5 girls and 10 boys in her class and 3 of the girls are at her table!

Classroom door next her owl!
First day of school pictures!!
(September 4, 2012)

Ready to go to school with Liam

Mommy and Katelyn!

She was not the least bit apprehensive. She could have cared less that I left. It was so nice to not have the child that was crying on the first day of school!

Katelyn with her bestest of friends - Katy and Liam

Will wishing Big Sister a good first day of school!
She had a blast on her first day and can't wait to go back tomorrow. I'm sure that come Friday she is going to be disappointed that there is no school. Now if only her love for school will stay. I guess we'll see what she thinks in about 5 years!

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