06 September 2012

First Field Trip - Pet Store!

Katelyn's school went on there first field trip - on the second week of school! I'm impressed. It sounds like they will be doing lots of different trips. Guess we'll see what they have in store for the  kids!

The theme for the second week of school was "Pets." So what better place to go than the pet store. And fortunately, it happens to be just down the road. They did take the bus which Katelyn was pretty excited about! They got to see lots of different creatures and even pet some. 

Petting a gecko.

A ferret

Touring the pet store....heading into the grooming area.

Time to head back to school!

I was pretty impressed with how good of listeners the kids were - 15 3 year old could be a bit out of conntrol! They all behaved so well! During the "pet" week at school, Katelyn came home a couple of times and said that she wanted a kitty. Sorry honey - no kitties in this house!! Since then, we haven't heard her request for a kitty again so luckily it was just a phase. Whew!!

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