29 November 2012

{3.5 Years} Katelyn

Katelyn always sees me taking monthly pictures of Will and wanted me to take some of her. I'm glad she wanted this because they turned out beautifully. It helps when you have an adorable subject (Yes, I'm biased!) So for the reason for these pictures, we'll call them her 3.5 year pictures!

Katelyn has grown up SO much in the last 6 months! She is now attending Preschool 4 days a week and L.O.V.E.S. every.second.of.it! If she could go on Friday's she would. I am beyond impressed with how much she has learned in just the few short months that they have been going. I feel so blessed that she was able to get into this school (it's pretty popular) and more so that she got the teachers that she did!

She knows all of her ABCs, can count to 16, recognizes most letters and is starting to say the sounds of the letters and knows certain letters are at the beginning of certain words/names. She is writing the letters SO well and can write her name amazingly. Her teacher's said that they haven't even worked with her on it, she just started copying it from her name tape. She loves to color and do art projects. When she colors, she stays in the lines so well!

She is such a goofball and likes to be silly! She loves spending time with her Daddy and wants to help do all the things he is working on. If he is doing anything with the trailer, you can count on her being there to help. 

She also likes spending time with me and "helping" do whatever craft project I may be working on or wanting to help bake cookies or brownies. I try to be patient and let her help with as much as she can because I know there will come a day when she doesn't want to help out. She likes to help unload the dishwasher - her job is to put the silverware away.

This girl LOVES to sing and dance! Jack has some songs on his ipod that she loves, so she enjoys going with him places because she can sing along to all the songs. And it's crazy how many of the words she knows. She seems to be able to listen to something a few times and it sticks! Some of her favorites songs are : Pontoon - Little Big Town, Country Girl (Shake it for me) - Jason Aldean, Good Girl - Carrie Underwood, Mean - Taylor Swift. There are many more, I just can't think off the top of my head right now. When we put these songs on at home, she runs around dancing and singing. It's like she's on stage and entertaining people! She has learned several bible songs at preschool and likes singing them often as well. It's so cute to hear her version of "Jesus Loves Me" and "The B-I-B-L-E." It makes me so happy that she's learned these songs because I remember learning them in Sunday school at her age.

One of my favs!!
She loves spending time outside - riding her trike, running, etc. She's been doing gymnastics for the last 2 months and has really gotten quite good. I never thought I'd have a gymnast on my hands, but it just may be the case. She gets so excited when Monday rolls around and it's gymnastics day!
Katelyn loves spending time with her friends that she has made here in Missouri - Liam and Katy. We try to do play dates often because they don't get as much play time at school as they would like!

She is starting to get over her pickiness of an eater that she once was. She will at least try her food now without the huge struggle we once had. If she isn't into what we are having for dinner that night, she has to eat at least 3 bites because she is 3 years old. Usually she finds that it's not so bad after she tries it. And, she has found her sweet tooth! She loves chocolate and candy. I knew she'd come around - after all she is her Momma's child :)

She wrote this all by herself - without tracing anything!! I was one proud Momma when she brought this home from school!

Now enjoy a few songs by Katelyn :)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Jesus Loves Me

On Brave Old Army Team - USMA Fight song (She knows all by one line that she always forgets).

The song they sing before the leave the room at school.

31 Pounds (with clothes and after a meal!) She's such a skinny mini!
37.5 inches
Size 3T
Size 8 shoes

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