29 November 2012

Tea Party

Katelyn's preschool class had a tea party at school. They were supposed to wear their finest, fanciest outfit, both boys and girls. All by 1 girl in her class wore a Disney Princess dress and all the boys but 2 had on sweater vests and 1 had on a full tuxedo. They were all just adorable!!!

Ready to go to school for her tea party!

The purpose of their Tea Party was to learn manners. They had been learning about royalty all week long so this went right along with being prim and proper. They went to another room and sat around round table that had table clothes on them. The teachers poured the kids tea after they asked properly and they ate cupcakes, little sandwiches, fruit and veggies.

Katelyn with her friend Katy at drop off.  They're both ready for the tea party!!

Here is her class all gussied-up!

Here's her placemat. They even learned where to put the tableware on the table so it's in the proper position. She got to bring this home and it now sits at your spot at the table. She makes sure that everything is in it's proper spot at each meal.  I love that they started working on this with the kids at this young age! I think setting the table properly is something that has long been forgotten.

Once again, can I say how impressed I am with her teachers?!?! The other 3 year old class did not do this, just hers!!

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