14 November 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner at Preschool

 Katelyn's preschool class had their Thanksgiving Dinner for lunch today. Their families were invited to come as well. Jack was even able to get off work to come and Katelyn was very excited for that!  I love that she gets so excited for the little things.

I made this to be her Thanksgiving shirt, but she wore it today since it was her Thanksgiving dinner. At least she got more than 1 wear out of it!

And a matching turkey hair bow!

They had turkey, stuffing, corn, green beans, cranberries, rolls and desserts. I didn't have too high of hopes for the food, but was pleasantly surprised! They actually had real turkey and it tasted pretty good!

The kids made turkey costumes and they were the cutest thing EVER~!!! Katelyn's class was one of the few classes that had made things for their dinner. I just love her teachers so much - they do such great things with these kids!! 

Using their praying hands to pray before lunch. Adorable!!

There's our little turkey! The cutest turkey in the bunch!!

She knew Daddy was coming to eat with her but she was so excited to see him!

Front of the turkey....

......And the back of the turkey.

All the kids made placemats for their dinner. I thought it was so cute what she was thankful for. The teacher couldn't quite hear exactly so they put her friend "Molly" but we don't know any Molly's. When I asked Katelyn what she was thankful for she really meant Lily...which was a little girl that she used to play with. They've since moved away.

Chow time!

Her teacher Ms. Christine

And her other teacher Ms. Heather. She loves her teachers! And we're so lucky that she's in their class!

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Joann said...

Love her shirt that you made. Hair bow is great, too!! You sure could sell the things you make!!