05 January 2011

KS Christmas 2010

After spending a few days in MO, we got back into the car and drove another 8 hours to KS!
But made a pit stop in Springfield to have lunch with Justin, Rachael, and Reagan!
An 8 hour drive is a huge difference from 12!

I was super excited to see my family; it'd been a while and they hadn't seen Jack since last September!

Building (or should I say getting ready to tear down)
a tower of blocks built with Grandpa and Grandma W.

Our little Drummer girl

What's in here?!

A Radio Flyer Tricycle!

Weeee! She doesn't quite have it figured out yet,
but I'm hopeful it wont take her long!

I don't think that's quite how you are supposed to ride it Katelyn!

Sitting on Grandpa's lap with one of her new baby dolls.

We went to Emporia to visit Great Grandma and see other family.
Katelyn with Rees and Cooper!

Rees and Katelyn playing with her new eggs.
We had a great day and was so fun to catch up with everyone.
Now if only we lived closer!

A family tradition growing up....guess it never died! :)
We always sat at the top of the stairs and
couldn't get to the presents Santa brought us until our "stair" picture was taken.
Jack doesn't look so thrilled though !

Katelyn opening presents the lazy man's way!

A Computer!!

Helping "Uncle" Matt open his present!
(She calls him "Uncle")

Uncle got her a ride on princess car with blocks!
She has it all figured out and came make it go forward now!


Taking the babies for a ride!

You have successfully made it through the Christmas extravaganza!

We had a great time visiting everyone and hope the New Year brings good things for everyone! As for us, we are going to enjoy the year as a family!

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