05 January 2011

Fort Leonard Wood Tornado

Some of you may have heard that there was a tornado that came through Ft. Leonard Wood, MO on the morning of New Years Eve. Fortunately no one was killed, there were some injuries and LOTS of homes were damaged and destroyed.

The whole thing is terribly sad and has been on my mind since I heard about it. I suppose the reason being, the house we lived in there was hit and destroyed. I sure hope no one was living there or home when it hit because I'm not sure how they survived. The bedrooms from our side of the duplex were completely blown away; you could drive a semi through where the bedrooms were supposed to be.

The tornado "shelter" was the closet in the bedroom. It breaks my heart to think that these folks probably lost everything they had. I'm hoping that they had too much goods for the size of the house and they had some in storage elsewhere! ha!

Some friends we made while at FLW lived in the yellow duplex next to us and it was also destroyed. I'm thankful that all the friends we made while living there have moved on or were not affected!

The yellow house on the left was our friends place and we lived in the duplex on the right (grey colored)

(The video above is of the damage. Starting at 16 seconds, will be our old place. Our part of the duplex was on the left.)


Steph said...

that still just blows my mind too!!
cute new photos, looks like Katelyn loved being witht the fam!

Brandy Layton said...

Thank you for coming by, your encouragement was heartfelt. Wow, I read about the tornado, I can only imagine what that must have felt like to know that area and watching it be destroyed so fast.