05 January 2011

MO Christmas 2010

A couple days before Christmas we made the F.U.N (insert sarcasm there) drive to MO! Katelyn is a great traveler, but it's just a long day. We got up early and were there by dinner time. She was never so happy to be out of that carseat and especially since her cousin was waiting for her! The girls are just 7 months apart and played great with each other!

Her first Christmas gift from Grammie and Pops -
AND she LOVES it!!!
At first she wasn't a very good "driver" and liked to pull it backwards
but she has perfected it and now goes forward!

These drums are bath toys!

A lady bug PILLOW Pet!

Pops helping Katelyn get into the unwrapping spirit!

Dilly Bars, DQ Sandwiches, AND Dipped Ice Cream Cones -
Mommy made plenty of those in her day!

Her very OWN Camera!

Uncle Jeff, Aunt Rachel and Sadie got her a drum!
She's practicing for Marching Band!

Little Mommy Katelyn carrying her baby
all over the place in her new baby carrier!

Baby's hungry!

Katelyn is infatuated with dogs!
Good thing Grammie and Pops have 4 so she could enjoy!
She wanted to be in the dog room all the time and
would walk around, point and say "DOG!" over and over and over again!
Sorry Katelyn - no dog for us!
Guess you'll just have to enjoy Grammie and Pops' dogs!

Katelyn hugging Sadie in the bouncy house!

Daddy and Pops were giving the girls a ride in the bouncy house!
All they could say was "AGAIN!"

I got the White Christmas I was wanting...well kind of!
The ground had white on it at least!

It's Snowing!!!
(We don't get much of that in GA -
although I hear it did flurry in GA while we were gone!)

"Catching" the butterflies
(or maybe just collecting them off the floor!)

"Do" Time!

My little purple marshmallow in her snowsuit!

Learning how to drive in Sadie's car!
She doesn't steer, just presses the pedal.

Doing a little work on their computers!

You made it to the end!!
Stay tuned for the final edition of Christmas 2010, yet to come!

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