28 January 2011

Momma Katelyn

Katelyn's favorite toys right now are here baby dolls, stroller and accessories.
These are the first things she heads to in the morning
and also when she gets home from "school."
She enjoys buckling and re-buckling the buckles on the stroller.....
covering "doll" up with HER favorite blanket....
feeding said doll her bottle and baby food....
making sure paci is in baby's mouth....
and pushing her around in the stroller.

It's so cute to see her try to do all these things for the baby doll!

Trying to put the bib on baby.
We wouldn't want her to get dirty now would we?!

Holding the baby with such care

Come on baby...let's eat!
(Maybe now she'll see how frustrating it is for momma when babies don't eat!)

Making sure the baby food is fit for baby to eat

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