30 January 2011

2BCT Ball

Saturday night Jack and I attended the 2 BCT ball in Savannah. The dinner, speaker and dance took part during a river boat cruise down the Savannah River. The other ball festivities ie. grog ceremony took place on the dock under Army tents. All in all, it was much better than I had anticipated, but the hour and a half that we had to stand out on the dock freezing with no restrooms was not so great. There were many unhappy women!!

These were the Army tents set up on the dock.
At least they were equipped with 2 kegs and wine!
This was probably the first ball I have attended that alcoholic beverages were provided for free - well at least until we boarded the boat, at which point the drinks cost a small fortune!

I found it rather amusing to watch the "tourists."
Apparently we were quite the tourist attraction because the sidewalk was lined with people watching, pointing and taking pictures.

"Old" E/1-30 IN ladies!
Me and my handsome Captain!

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Steph said...

love your dress, love the color! and cute pics of K you put up recently!