22 July 2011

Fourth of July Day 1

We had a great Fourth of July weekend! Plenty of family time! We went to some friends house on Saturday and spent the evening with them. Enjoyed some yummy dinner, the kids did a few fireworks and then watched the city's firework display. Katelyn did well, love the "Booms" and stayed up real late that night!

Of course the girls loved throwing the poppers down or stepping on them.

Sparkler time!!
Emmalyn did one sparkler and then would not go near them.
Katelyn on the other hand LOVED them!
She wasn't scared of them at all, and I was very surprised by that!
Guess she's getting to be quite the little dare devil!

Katelyn liked the bigger ones too....maybe too much!

The girls being goofballs! Or at least Emmalyn being a goofball in this picture!

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